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Skinny Pad Thai

skinny-pad-thaiMany years ago, back in my not-quite-vegan days, I would order Pad Thai at every opportunity.  While it is easy to veganize by omitting the eggs, the noodles alone contain way more carbs than I prefer to eat in a day. Then there’s the sauce–which is normally made with cane sugar (more carbs) and peanut butter (the full fat kind, which–depending on the restaurant in question–is likely to be the commercial type–made with hydrogenated oil). I’ve made Pad Thai before (once from scratch and other times from a box) and always used natural peanut butter–but to achieve a result that actually tastes like peanuts it’s pretty necessary to use a generous amount which can result in caloric overload (upwards of 200, just from the peanut butter alone). I’ve started making pasta dishes with Shirataki noodles, and today I was thinking about Thai food and lamenting the fact that Pad Thai wouldn’t be the same without the noodles. And then I had the sudden epiphany that Shirataki noodles could replace the traditional rice or wheat noodles, and other substitutions could be used (i.e. stevia in place of cane sugar and defatted peanut flour to omit the need for peanut butter–giving the dish a noticeable peanut flavor without the fat gram overload). Continue Reading

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