My Inspiration

People who influenced my opinions that led me to the concept-formation, creation, and evolution of paleoveganism/the paleo vegan diet and

julia-butterflyJulia Butterfly Hill – I “followed” Julia Butterfly Hill well before she had a website or a blog. In middle school I had the assignment of creating a board game, which I based on her book The Legacy of Luna. That project, and the doors of perception it opened for me, led me to commit to vegetarianism soon after.  Vegan: yes.


aldous_huxley_portraitAldous Huxley – The mention of “doors of perception” reminds me that Huxley, author of The Doors of Perception, influenced me a great deal throughout my freshman and sophomore year of college, the summer of 2009 I spent working in Mexico, and my trips/volunteer experiences in Central and South America. Vegan: yes.


hunter-s-thompson-selfieHunter S. Thompson – see above. Also influenced the ethnographic technique/style I used when doing research in Guatemala in 2012 and 2013. My interest in his work had an impact on my vegan lifestyle/ evolution of the paleovegan diet, since it helped to shape the way I think and write about it.  Vegan: Unknown. Probably not, yet he indirectly inspired paleoveganism so perhaps that makes him an honorary vegan. I’m sure he’d hate that, so I’ll categorize him as undeclared.

frida_kahlo_portraitFrieda Kahlo – It’s a combination of her art and writing, and the way it resonates with me and my experiences, research, and emotional life, that influenced my envisioning of the paleovegan diet/lifestyle and Vegan: I don’t know. I do internet research for a living, yet still couldn’t find any legitimate evidence.


riverphoenixRiver Phoenix – I always had an infatuation with him as a kid growing up, and the fact that he was vegan might have influenced my dietary preferences.



diane-arbusDiane Arbus – Her work influenced my interest in photographing people and capturing their emotions/feelings/perception of self. In terms of the paleovegan diet or she did not directly influence me, but she did in other aspects i.e. photographic representations/depictions of people. Vegan: I read her autobiography, which indicated that she isn’t.

gertrude-blom Gertrude “Trudy” Dobi Blom, social anthropologist, documentary photographer, journalist, environmental pioneer, jungle adverturer, and Frida Kahlo’s girlfriend. She spent five decades chronicling the Mayan cultures of Chiapas, Mexico, particularly the culture of the Lacandon Maya. Vegan: sometimes she was, according to documents I found.

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