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  1. Hi Kelsey and good morning! Thank u for such a beautiful website and all the time consuming effort you put into creating it! I am a chef here in San Francisco and have lived my life consuming everything and then vegan, back to everything again. The result being; packing on weight, discovering my own gluten intolerence and having some serious digestive issues these past several years using flours and animal products. I am looking to adopt your lifestyle and really feel strongly that you are in to something. Do you have any books you could recommend to me to further delve into? Also, what are your takes on alcohol? Do you ever drink wine? Thank you so much for your help!

    Kindly~ Hauna dolecek

    • Hi, thanks for reaching out to contact me! I do drink wine, because it is considered raw. However the sulfites tend to cause headaches, which I began to notice more after eliminating all preservatives / packaged foods. I occasionally drink beer, since I have friends who brew it and/or work at microbreweries. I also have friends that own wineries, and I enjoy tasting the blends they create. When I lived in Guatemala I lived among my informants (for anthropological research purposes) and tried the clandestine liquor (similar to rum) that they brewed in their basements. I don’t think that occasional alcohol consumption makes a person un-paleo, especially considering that studies show how the first humans did the same.

      • That said, when I was younger I partied a lot and consumed wine and beer to excess along with my peers, despite my otherwise healthy lifestyle. I developed a paleovegan lifestyle 10 years ago and never strayed from it except for a phase in which I stayed up all night at clubs with friends and such. I don’t know what long-term effect that might have on my life, but I was growing up and experimenting. Did I make some stupid mistakes? Yeah. Of course. I can say, however, that I stayed committed to a paleovegan diet through that era of my life. At this moment in time I have a glass of wine with dinner when I’m with family or friends. The last time I visited Guatemala I drank a glass of clandestine liquour (rum) at the funeral of a former informant in the study I mentioned in the previous comment. I think that depending on the circumstance, in moderation, drinking on the paleo diet is OK for most people.

  2. I really hate to be “that jerk”, but I was perusing your site (which is lovely, btw), and couldn’t help but notice just how *not* paleo it is. Soy, corn, legumes, are all absolute “nos” in the paleo lifestyle, and are in many recipes on your site. Do you think you might be confusing people who are new to this way of eating? Gluten-free and paleo are not the same thing… Just a heads up! Cheers.

    • Hi, thanks for your feedback. You’re right, gluten free and paleo are not the same. That said, I don’t follow the paleo diet in same way that people on the “paleo plan” might. Clearly, I don’t eat meat…but that’s not really my point. I started to implement corn in my diet after cultivating it with my bare hands (literally) on a permaculture farm in 2010. It was organic and an entirely human-powered operation. From my research and from courses I took in archaeology toward earning my degree, I don’t consider corn un-paleo. Moreover, considering the clinical trials I conducted in Guatemala–I wouldn’t consider it unhealthy. The ways in which corporations in the USA have used it in packaged snacks shouldn’t soil it as a potentially good addition to an otherwise healthy paleovegan diet.

  3. Hello, I just wanted to comment on your “Meal > $2” posts: Are you trying to say that the meals cost less than 2 dollars or greater than 2 dollars? As of now, you are using the ‘greater-than symbol (>)’, which says that the meals cost more than 2 dollars. If this is what you meant, ignore me, but if you meant ‘less than’, then use the ‘less-than symbol (<)'.

    • Originally I meant for it to be ironic, regarding the true cost of food in Guatemala; the effect the local cuisine (street food) can have on people vs. the starvation in other parts of the country. I changed focus in the post itself after constructing the title, so the intent probably wasn’t clear. Thank you for bringing it to my attention, Sam.

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  5. Hi Kelsey,
    can you tell me what your daily diet looks like? I am a vegan and am looking at other alternatives to high carb, low fat.
    Thanks! Julia

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