YAWP! (the redemption of the health bar)

slideshow_1YAWP! bars are the best thing to happen since…ever.

Since 2007 I have viewed all “energy bars” with disdain or else voiced ironic and original quotes (and often outright anger) regarding their place in “society” as glorified candy bars, or their infallible ridiculousness as a supposed health food.

Chewy Granola Bars? Gross, and also stupid. With the level of processed carbs and corn syrup they contain, any kid would be better off stuffing their face with a Snicker’s bar.

Power Bars? Give me a break (and not off a piece of that Kit Kat). To market “power bars” as a means of energy for competitive bicyclists, is asinine. Take it from the daughter of one: I handed out those bars at races in the mountains as a child. I could never understand the appeal, but my parents used them as meal replacements while exercising or competing…so to me, they were “healthy”.

A couple of years later I tried my first cliff bar, and was hooked. I would take a bite of one before each class in high school, for energy. Or sometimes it was a luna bar. If I forgot to bring one or the other, I’d get a Nature’s Path bar from the vending machine (because they’re vegan, and seemingly healthier than anything else available in the cafeteria). When I transferred schools I benefited from the free apples and carrots (and stolen packets of mustard). Mustard and apples make a great combo, for the record.

Lara bars are another thing. They were the first “bar” that fit the criteria of my dietary preferences, but their overly-soft texture turned me off. I wanted to bite into it and experience that “crunch”. As much as I hate to admit it, the crunch of the Nature’s Path bars I substituted for lunch in yesteryear might have shaped the path along which I have judged every other so-called nutrition bar.

Something about the crunch of it gave me the impression that it was real food…as opposed to some soft-baked Keebler cookie.

During 10-hour layovers in Latin America, as a vegan my dietary options were pepita, sesame and almond dulces held together by panela (unrefined sugarcane). After trying to melt them down in hot water to release the sugar and fork out the seeds/nuts, I gave in. My dentist lectured me at every visit afterward (I had a cavity for the first time, at age 20).

YAWP! bars remind me of those dulces, but in a way that neither hurts my teeth nor reminds me of the vegan “health bars” of yore. They crunch like Nature’s Path, minus the corn syrup and processed grains. They meet the criteria that a paleo-vegan test would require ingredient-wise, with flying colors. As in, a solid A. I could eat these every day. I haven’t eaten a “bar” in years, but for YAWP! I’d make an exception.

Would you like a case of YAWP! ? Of course you would!

To enter: click here!

(email me and you will be entered in a contest to win a case of YAWP! bars) :)

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2 thoughts on “YAWP! (the redemption of the health bar)

  1. Its really difficult to get paleo vegan treats in India. It would be wonderful to receive some. Though I know its a long time since you made the offer but I would like to know if it is available overseas as well.

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