Holiday Detox Survival Kit, Part 3


The key to a detox or cleanse lies in the ability to eliminate unnecessary foods and substances. To cleanse from that bottle of Pinot Noir or the sweet potato fries at the hipster establishment you dined at yesterday with an unsuccessful date you paired with via OK-Cupid, you might find yourself at a loss for what to eat or drink while watching reruns of The O.C. and cursing your problems. That’s where easy breezy omni-dieting comes in handy.

It’s not really a diet. It’s just easier than cooking and better than sobbing through the drive-thru.

Buy a bag of frozen edamame (soybeans, unshelled). If they’re shelled, you might eat too many of them and feel sick after. When they’re unshelled, the time spent unshelling them with your teeth might allow you the minutes necessary to forget your issues and enjoy the lightly salted and chili-seasoned soybean deliciousness. Then, instead of pouring the Pinot down the sink, perhaps invite a friend to help rehash your problems and discuss working out at the local 24-hour Fitness or Yoga studio together.

Realistically speaking, here’s why I wrote this post:

Raspberries are edible fruits of the genus Rubus (of the rose family), an important commercial fruit crop grown throughout all temperate regions of the world. The Vitamin C content of raspberries far exceeds that of blackberries, blueberries, or strawberries.


The last thing I would want would be to make this post un-uplifting. I decided to post today with edamame and berries on my mind–so this is the result. Take it or leave it, and I wish you all a very happy new year :)

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