Fish-Free Sushi Nori Rolls with Carrot “Rice”

fish free paleo sushi


1 pkg toasted sushi nori sheets
1/2 pkg firm tofu (the kind packed in water)
1/2 ripe avocado
1/2 red bell pepper
1 large carrot
unhulled toasted sesame seeds, aka Gomashi


food processor or high-powered blender i.e. Vitamix or NutriBullet
sushi mat
rubber spatula


Tamari or soy sauce
Pickled ginger
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Vegan In-Flight Dining Guide

Inflight DiningMany airlines offer special meals to accommodate passengers of varying lifestyles and dietary preferences. American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, and Continental Airlines, to name a few, provide a number of alternative meal types on long-distance flights including Western vegetarian/vegan, vegetarian Jain (pure vegetarian/vegan meal adhering to the principles of the Jain belief system), and raw vegetable and/or fruit plates. These alternative meals must be confirmed in advance at the time of ticket purchase or at least 72 hours prior to check-in. These options might vary according to seasonal availability and changes in budget.

Choosing a Vegan In-Flight Meal

When booking your flight, keep an eye out for a “special dietary preferences” checkbox or button. This will take you to a new page or menu where the following options should be listed: Continue reading

Is Grain Paleo?

Within the paleo community, grains are often deemed unhealthy processed foods that no human touched before the advent of industry. I believe we should stay away from rice, pasta, and bread as much as the next (paleo) person, but hear me out: not all grains are all that bad. In fact, according to archeological record and early ethnographic data collection, the cultivation of grain occurred far earlier than the industrial revolution as well as the agricultural revolution. Surprised? So was I. But here they are, in convenient list form for your reading pleasure, in no specific order:


Sorghum is a gluten free grain, often used today in gluten free baking as a replacement for pastry flour. It is not considered paleo in orthodox terms but has become a topic of discussion on message boards, forums, and blogs about the paleo diet; evidently, some paleo dieters use it in moderation or consider it “paleo friendly”.
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The Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Eateries in The World.

In my life, throughout my travels and time periods lived in foreign countries and in the USA, I have found hidden gems as well as better-known and/or popular vegan restaurants, food carts, etc.  I would like to share these establishments with fellow and prospective vegans, as well as anyone who might be interested in broadening their culinary/dietary/foodie horizons.  One stand-out restaurant is mentioned per category.


Gracias Madre – San Francisco, CA


Photo credit: Yelp

100% vegan, local and organic. Committed to their love for food, the earth and the divine feminine, as well as consciousness-raising on the planet. The brainchild of Cafe Gratitude.

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Pumpkin Spice Pancakes

While it’s obvious Autumn has ended (so pumpkin pie isn’t exactly en vogue), I was brainstorming what could be a nutritious, vitamin-rich, low-carb breakfast recipe– and decided that pumpkin spice pancakes were the way to go. Per 1/2 cup serving, pumpkin contains 1g sodium, 2g fiber, 1g sugar..yet only 6g carbs — at only 25 calories.
pumpkin spice vegan pancakes
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Anti-Valentine’s Day: Let’s Celebrate

I’m not stoked about Valentine’s Day this year. Not because I’m single and bitter, but because it’s one of those Hallmark holidays that creates unnecessary anxiety. Plus, there’s usually way too much sugar involved…so it can’t be healthy on a physical level either. The solution? A festive Anti-Valentine’s Day party with a healthy menu that contains no added sugar, celebrated with friends or family, or a significant other if you have one. So let’s get started.

The Basics, aka Necessary Components for an Anti-Valentine’s Menu:

1. Bitter

Think bitter lettuce i.e. radicchio, endive, escarole, and chicory. Also, lettuces/greens that are considered weeds i.e. dandelion and other wild greens. If serving cocktails, you can’t go wrong with the stiff and bitter Old Fashioned– further reading: this article by Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark of the Cooking Channel food-travel series Tripping Out with Alie & Georgia.

2. Sour

Lemon is a must to accompany at least one dish.

3. Broken Heart

Artichoke hearts or heart of palm (broken or chopped, slivered, sliced, crushed, etc).

4. Skewered

This component is versatile; it can work in a dessert, entree or appetizer. For dessert, try strawberries or other red fruits that look like hearts, skewered on a stick… or with chocolate fondue. For an appetizer or entrée, vegan cheese fondue or veggie kabobs.

5. Blackened or Charred

For an entrée, try portabella mushroom steaks or blackened jerk seitan. I know seitan isn’t paleo, but it’s low carb…and in the context of hating on consumerism and stereotypical ideas about love– I couldn’t resist mentioning a word that bears such a close resemblance to “Satan”.

6. Bleeding

Blood oranges. Sangria (from the Spanish word sangre, which literally means blood). Blood-red heirloom tomatoes.

Having envisioned what would be the necessary components of a anti-valentine’s menu, I searched the web for stand-out vegan recipes that fit the criteria.

Anti-Valentine’s Day Menu


Burnt Sage and Blackberry Sangria (with bourbon) by Elana of Stir and Strain
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Heirloom Tomato Fettuccine with Cilantro-Pesto Cheez

vegan heirloom tomato fettuccine

My relationship with pasta (spaghetti, fettuccine, linguini, etc.) is interesting. My dad was obsessed with pasta. Pesto pasta, that is– always accompanied by sliced black olives. I remember feeling guilty for eating a few of them whole before slicing and bringing them to the table. My dad’s love for pasta was unwavering and unabashed. Whatever the circumstance– from a potluck or wedding reception to my birthday party or brown bag lunch in the summers for day camp– most every time it was a reused plastic yogurt container filled with pesto pasta, with a smaller reused plastic container of carrots and celery, and an apple from the tree in the backyard. While I got a lot of flack from my classmates for the lack of sugar… no “fruit by the foot”, Go-gurt, jello pudding or snack paks in there…the only packaged “sweet” I ever got was a Nutrigrain bar (remember those?). Anyway, both my parents were very committed to eating right…but it was never as if they decided to “go on a diet” or “cleanse” from years of bad eating or lack of exercise. Continue reading

Product Review: Vegan Crab Cakes by Sophie’s Kitchen

vegan crab cakeMarketed as “the new vegan seafood”, the brand Sophie’s Kitchen recently debuted their line of GMO-free faux-fish products– most of which are gluten free and soy free, which differentiates them from the majority of vegan “fish” products on the market today. Considering the fact that most recipes for vegan “fish” sticks and fillets, “crab” cakes and other “seafood” products are made with tofu, tempeh, wheat gluten, or textured vegetable protein aka TVP (also soy), Sophie’s products caught my eye and impressed me as a potential game-changer. Sophie’s Kitchen is named after the owners’ young daughter, who enjoys the taste of seafood but is allergic to most varieties. While it is unclear whether the owners are vegan, they donate 5% of profits to causes that promote the protection of marine life. *The company is also based in Sebastapol, CA. Having grown up in Sonoma County, I was further intrigued and couldn’t resist the $4.99 purchase. Continue reading

Thai Corn Soup with Kale

thai corn kale soup

This Thai Corn Soup with Kale is low fat. Low Sodium. Sugar Free. Gluten Free. Nonetheless it is flavorful and satisfying, and reminiscent of traditional Thai soups. While canned coconut milk is a “key ingredient” in soups and curries served at Thai restaurants in the USA, I just can’t stomach the 30+ grams of fat per serving or 40 grams of sugar.  I am excited about this recipe because it manages to emulate the “traditional” quality I would expect at a Thai restaurant– without the fat / sugar / sodium overload. The tofu makes this a hearty, substantial meal despite the absence of animal protein. Continue reading